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LOW season meets HIGH season, Bye Bye construction work, Hello Guests... Reading Time -- 2-3 minutes

We can't believe it.

Without a lockdown prior to the season, it's time for THE season.


Our fourth winter season, but the third with you as our guest. We are thrilled!

Recently, the unexpected situations in the world have shown us that nothing stays the way it was. Prices skyrocketing, peace and war are close together, diseases that seem to be worse and worse, and I could go on and on. But what we have learned recently is to enjoy every moment given to you, cliché but true.

We really didn't enjoy every second in the last couple of weeks. For example, during our major renovation from the end of September to the middle of December. It wasn't easy every day, but the result was worth it. The construction dust was everywhere, including ourselves, but what was it worth because the new water pipes for 4 apartments are a fact. A constant temperature, a good jet under the shower... we now enjoy the new kitchens (including dishwashers) of the apartments stappitz & alm blick. Did you know that we are secretly very jealous of the bathrooms in these apartments... (our private bathroom is still from the year 70, with retro then retro green furniture / tiles)?

But hey, all for you, our guest!

It wasn't always enjoyable under the roof of our first building, either. With the wind blowing hard, we cleared everything from the 1960s till nowadays. But for good reason, with rising energy costs, insulating the roof was also a big priority. With temperatures well into the minus at the moment, you already notice that the heat is staying where it belongs.

Whereas back in July we ordered our 10 tons of pellets (which we heat everything with), for a long time it was uncertain if we would get the pellets delivered in time. Fortunately, our 10 tons arrived on November 4. Just a pitty that this refueling is twice as expensive as the year before. Against this inflation we can unfortunately do nothing, because we want to keep our apartments affordable for everyone, so we are now looking for a responsible way to make our guests aware of the rising costs.

Willem Jan came the last couple of weeks, every day after his kindergarten to ‘check’ and to watch the construction site turn more and more into "new homes”. Proudly he said to his daddy every day: how hard you worked again. And what about me? I accepted and agreed. Knowing that without his assistant (me) he couldn't get everything done either, hihi.

Just a few more nights, and then it's off! From the 17th of December there will again be strange (or familiar from returning guests) cars in our driveway. We'll all sit around the campfire again, toast with gluhwein, bite into our tasty burgers again, slurp soup with the pizza 2.0 and enjoy winter Mallnitz and its surroundings together with you as our guest.

This year we will pop out again with the traditionally faithful Dutch Oliebollen, and a bubbly to toast us, you, our dear followers and everyone we love, to an insane 2023!

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