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Bye Bye Winter, Hello Summer


Tomorrow is already May 1, and that means the winter season is really as good as over. Although, our guests are still skiing the coming week with TOP conditions on the Mölltaler Glacier ...

But anyway, in November 2021 we had to squeeze our butts together because a severe lockdown was announced. For a moment our spirits were sinking, because will the fiasco (entire winter closed) of winter 2020 / 2021 repeat itself? But on the 17th of December we threw open our doors with full enthusiasm; the lockdown was ended. Despite the fact that Austria made some changes to the entry regulations regarding vaccinations / booster vaccinations, which threatened to ruin many winter sports vacations, we were filled to capacity despite the madness, WAW! The headline was off.

Now as I write this I can secretly tell you that I have a huge grin on my face when I think back to the moment when I was standing in our full parking lot with 'strange' cars. A guest then asked me, "Are you okay?" to which I then confessed that I was enjoying the full parking lot because I missed it so much last winter...

But of course that grin on my face is also because of all the new and returning guests. Thanks to you, our concept of #meet #explore #relax has been confirmed. How we enjoyed the winter pizzas, the campfires including melting marshmallows that were more popular with the adults than with the kids, and how proud we are to have brought our brand new hamburger night into winter life. With a record 56 burgers on one night (together with our friends from Haus Waldruhe), we cooked 250+ burgers last winter season to decide that next summer we will be hosting a weekly burger and pizza night.

But the most beautiful thing about last winter is that we were part of the vacation experience that we experienced with you as our guests. Many of you we may welcome again next winter season, and that makes us proud!

In May 2021 we were still sitting in the snow, but now Erik has already mowed the lawn twice and the first footballs are played. Everything in nature starts to grow and bloom again here, the colors become fresher every day, and that does something to you...

It makes us long to climb the tops of our mountains, it makes us long to dry the countless loads of laundry outside, it makes us long for that relaxed camping feeling in our garden, where children play with each other, where our guests meet and our Willem Jan enthusiastically calls 'Good morning' to everyone who is already awake. But how we look forward to hearing each other's stories around the campfires, where we enjoy the Mallnbach Pizza or Burger together, where our hands are sticky from the melting marshmallows and the smell of campfire is in your clothes (sorry).

Grateful we are to conclude a full winter season that has also certainly had its challenges, grateful that you as a guest, or future guest, loyal follower, family or friend support and motivate us.

Bye Bye Winter, Hello Summer!

Until 07.05.2022 you can still come and stay with us, and then we will be back from 26.05.2022 to 03.10.2022, from 15.10-01.11.2022 and from 16.12.2022

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