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Holiday with
electric car

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Loading station auto

Mallnbach Apartments loves Carinthia's environment and is therefore proud to be a part of it. Protecting the flora and fauna is a matter of course. 

Whether by train, bus, or electric car - conscious travel is a trend to which Mallnbach Apartments responds by offering charging facilities for Tesla and all other electric vehicles.


Emission-free e-cars are a good fit with Carinthia's natural beauty and with Mallnbach Apartments' Alpine Pearl status, which focuses on sustainability and regionality. Not only in the area of charging stations, but also in energy production or in the choice of edible products that we serve. 


Finally, e-cars have the great advantage of not having to drive to the nearest petrol station.

drive to the nearest petrol station.  Easy & fast charging at Mallnbach Apartments Mallnitz on the available parking space.  

Electric Car Opladen van de batterij

Travel with E-car

Travelling with an electric car? Going on holiday with an electric atuo? Then Mallnbach Apartments is the right address. 


Guests staying at Mallnbach Apartments who own an electric car can charge their vehicle in an environmentally friendly way at the electric charging station in the car park for a fee of € 0.49 per kW/h. 

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