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vrienden Party


Vacation is meeting.

A vacation with children, family or friends, meeting starts at Mallnbach Apartments upon arrival with a personal welcome. 

In the evening dining together in the beautiful garden including outdoor kitchen, ideal for BBQ & Pizza evenings. Ending at the crackling fire, watching the marshmellows slowly melt.

Navigeren in Woods


Vacations are explorations.


Out and about with family, children or friends. Countless opportunities to experience and share experiences.


Exploration is the new enjoyment with and of each other. 


The local tips and the Kärnten Card guarantee unique experiences for young and old.

Meisje in madeliefjes veld


Vacations are relaxing.


Mallnbach Apartments is located on the river Mallnitz Bach. The place to relax for a while. Relax in the hammock or on one of the seats in the communal garden with beautiful views of the mountains and / or river.

Prefer to be alone outside? That is possible on the private balcony or terrace of the apartment. 


The apartments are fully equipped and therefore guarantee a relaxing stay.


Tel. +43 664 514 6964


Stappitz  85
Mallnitz, Karinthië 

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Unique location in Austria in the middle of the mountains. Rest, active or a mix of both? Mallnbach apartments in Mallnitz is the right place for winter and summer holidays.


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