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Enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, Young and energetic


Our family of three:

Erik (36), Annemiek (30) & Willem Jan (2)


Both of us have always had the dream to start something abroad.
It was a gift when we got to know each other and the dream became our dream. And dreams are there to come true, and that is exactly what we are going to do.

With our experience in real estate, renovating and renting out vacation accommodations in Groningen and surroundings, it was obvious to take these experiences to a place with what we find important:

''enjoying life
"like to be outside"
"enjoying nature"
"people around us"

With these ingredients in mind, we started looking for a suitable location where we can do business all year round. It immediately hit the spot in the village of Mallnitz. And under the guise of '3x shipping law' we found the object: Mallnbach Apartments Mallnitz, where our ingredients come to the ultimate recipe; the Mallnbach experience where guests meet, discover and relax.

An 'end' in the Netherlands is the new start in Austria, Mallnitz. 


Tel. +43 664 514 6964


Stappitz  85
Mallnitz, Karinthië 

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Unique location in Austria in the middle of the mountains. Rest, active or a mix of both? Mallnbach apartments in Mallnitz is the right place for winter and summer holidays.


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